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alpha SUPERFLUID tattoo ink!

The new alpha SUPERFLUID consists of 7 graduations of Black and 6 shades of Sumi “Greywash”.

The pigment concentrations are finely graduated and are quoted in per cent (%) of the darkest shade.

In despite of having a high pigment concentration Sumi and Black are very liquid. Thereby the colours are especially good applicable for tattoo artists who work fast.

The shades heal in a cold black shade.



"advanced skin sealing” technology – more into the skin!

alpha SUPERFLUID disposes of an optimized pore closing effect. This seals the injection site and prevents the bleeding of the colour. Thereby it will stay more Black in the skin from the beginning.


“easy-flow” technology – easier into the skin!

The pigment’s support system is in viscid and has got a low surface tension. Thereby the colour will be optimally absorbed by exploiting the capillary of the needle into the skin.



“easy-flow” technology – fast into the skin!

Fast and effective working with minimal injury of the skin.

For the new alpha SUPERFLUID only high-performance-pigments of German manufacturers are used which are free of PAK. They are AZO-secure, heavy metal tested, free of NDELA, without preservatives, with cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersion medium, without animal testing, vegan and of course sterilely manufactured.