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Information about alpha SUPERFLUID

Why has got alpha SUPERFLUID a light brown engraving at work?

The brown is caused of Hammamelis. That is water-soluble and disappears completely during the healing period.


In which graduations is Black receivable?

Black is receivable in 100 %, 90 %, 80 %, 70 %, 60 %, 50 % and 40 %.


In which graduations is Sumi receivable?

Sumi is receivable in 100 %, 75 %, 50 %, 37 %, 25 % and 13 %.


What is the advice for the application of the inks on basis of the classical graduation of the pigment concentration?

Black is suited for: 80 % as Tribal or Filling Black, 60 % as Universal Black, 40 % as Liner Black

Sumi is in application in: 75 % a Dark Sumi, 50 % a Sumi, 25 % a Light Sumi


Why are there additionally so many other graduations?

Our aim is that every tattoo artist will find the best Black for herself/himself and her/his way of working.


Which black is used for producing alpha SUPERFLUID?

It is used a light purity carbon with a big surface. This carbon absorbs the light very well and because of that it appears very dark with a bluish shade. It affords deep black results in the skin.